Southlake Couple Arrested For Keeping A Girl As Slave For Years Crime News Today


Southlake couple arrested for keeping a girl as slave for years crime news today

A wealthy Southlake couple were indicted on a number of federal charges Dallas News in suspicion of having kept a child from Africa as a slave for years. Toure and Cros Toure were arrested April and placed on home According to the criminal complaint, the girl had been living in a mud hut .A Tarrant County couple brought a year old African girl to their Dallas News Wealthy Southlake couple kept child from Africa as slave for years, authorities say They were arrested at their home Wednesday and made an initial According to the criminal complaint, the girl was living in a mud hut .SOUTHLAKE, TX A Southlake couple is behind bars after keeping a girl as their slave for years. Mohamed Toure and Denise Florence .The wealthy couple was arrested five months ago after the girl managed to keeping a West African girl as a slave for more than years..A Southlake couple accused of forcing a young girl to work as a They were accused using a girl as a slave for years. were arrested on April , after being charged by criminal complaint. to Southlake to work for them in their home, according to a news release from the U.S Department of Justice..

Alex Seeley, born and raised in Australia, spent seventeen years on the pastoral team at a worship movement in Melbourne where she and her husband, Henry, helped .

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