Meghan Markle’s Sister is Now Trashing Meghan Markle’s Mother


Meghan Markle’s Sister is Now Trashing Meghan Markle’s Mother

Gosh darn it, Samantha Markle!

Just when we were starting to like you.

Okay, fine, we weren’t starting to like you.

But we were starting to think we were maybe done with your senseless, misguided, cruel and self-serving bashing of Meghan Markle and we’d therefore never need to write about you ever again.

This was our hope after you actually apologized last week to half-sister Meghan Markle.

Alas, our excitement over being done with you forever was apparently short-lived.

Because now you’ve simply gone ahead and switched the target of your wrath from Meghan to her mother, Doria Ragland.

Responding to praise for Ragland and Thomas Markle (Meghan and Samantha’s biological father) from some random Twitter user, Samantha went off on the woman her dad once married.

“The world does not know that our dad raised her most of the time without the input of her mother especially from age 12 through high school and he gave her everything she had and is,” wrote this evil member of the Markle family.

She added of Meghan:

“She was never raised as an only child. Truth kids! He is amazing and successful and mags lie.”

Meghan and her dad, of course, have been engaged in their own feud ever since the latter did not attend his daughter’s wedding.

The Duchess has said very little on this topic, but Thomas has given many interviews in which he’s bashed his famous child as being ungrateful and selfish.

Samantha has taken many opportunities to defend him.

mags lies

But she’s typically left Ragland out of her ridiculous rants.

Yes, she wrote something back in May about Ragland talking to Oprah at the Royal Wedding, impyling that she was merely using Meghan for her major connections.

However, this Twitter barrage was her most pointed attack against Doria by far.

“Everything that you think you know from tabloids is a lie. Dad pretty much raised her most of her life on his own and Doria was not around very much,” added Samantha, alleging that Doria “ghosted” Markle for “30 years.”

From there, however, Samantha made it clear that she still very much hates Meghan.

down with doria

Referring to the health ailment that befell Thomas literal days before The Royal Wedding, Samantha Tweeted to a fellow Internet user:

“You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. She ignored my father through a heart attack. There is no excuse for it.

“You would be mentally ill to think that is OK. Maybe you were the one who needs the counseling.”

While this ugly family rivalry that continues to play out in public, Samantha isn’t shy about sharing her theories into why things are estranged.

For the record, she claims, Meghan isn’t ignoring her because she has said all this horrible stuff.


“She did not ignore everyone because they spoke out. Everyone spoke out because she started ignoring them. I apologized for my wisecracks. But not for pointing out that she is in the wrong.”


“[Meghan] has ghosted both sides of the family. She needs to earn our trust. It is the other way around. You don’t crap on an entire family and then run around crying that you cannot trust everyone.”

That’s one way of looking at it, sure.

Another way of looking at it is that Meghan hasn’t been going around crying at all.

She’s been going around riding Prince Harry in an attempt to have a baby and living her absolute best life.

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