Brad Pitt Has NOT “Won The Kids In Custody War,” Despite Report


Brad Pitt Has NOT “Won The Kids In Custody War,” Despite Report

Brad Pitt Won Kids Custody War

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Brad Pitt has not “won the kids” in his “custody war” with Angelina Jolie, despite a report. Gossip Cop can correct this false narrative. Pitt has not obtained sole custody or even 50-50 joint custody of his six children with Jolie. He still only has visitation rights, and a long-term arrangement remains unsettled.

But the National Enquirer is misleading readers by declaring on its website, “Brad Pitt appears to be winning his custody battle with Angelina Jolie, as the couple’s six children have turned their backs on their mom — and have chosen to live with dad instead!” Most of this post is a regurgitation of the supermarket tabloid’s recent cover story, in which it was wrongly claimed Jolie lost the custody battle.

These contentions were already debunked with clear evidence, but after spreading this misinformation in print, the magazine is trying to further dupe people by also peddling the inaccurate claims online. So, Gossip Cop will set the record straight again, instead of letting the falsehoods stand. Though some outlets tried to make it seem earlier this month that Jolie and Pitt reached a new custody deal, the truth is that they’ve only agreed to continue the interim arrangement that was set up by the court a few months ago.

This agreement allows for Pitt to have regular visits with his children, but it by no means strips Jolie of custody in any way and the brood continues to live with her. The notion that the actor has “won the kids” is simply untrue. Furthermore, from the start Pitt has not been trying to “win” the children, but has been fighting for joint custody. Jolie, however, has wanted sole custody. At this point, both sides are still in negotiations, and it is impossible to know yet how the situation will be resolved.

On top of the tabloid spreading its falsities in its print edition and now on the web, the publication has actually added in an additional blunder. The online version of the article states, “Her brutal divorce war with Brad has grown so fierce that she had to ‘go outside of Los Angeles to find a lawyer willing to wage a public war with her estranged husband,’ according to a report in The Blaze.” (See screengrab below.) TheBlaze is Glenn Beck’s conservative news outlet. The magazine meant to cite to The Blast, a celebrity news website, which has done a number of reports about Jolie changing lawyers. The Enquirer even links to one such article, yet still can’t get the name of the website correct.

All of this demonstrates the tabloid’s apparent disregard for accuracy. After initially claiming in its cover story that Jolie has lost custody, the magazine could’ve issued a correction online. Instead, the outlet opted to repeat its already debunked claims, and then bungled an attempt to add in outside information. The publication teases on its website that this is “the inside story,” but it’s really anything but.

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