After Testifying In Cosby Trial Accuser Says He Had No Power Over Me Headlines News


After testifying in cosby trial accuser says he had no power over me headlines news

NPR s Ari Shapiro talks with Lise Lotte Lublin, one of the women After Testifying In Cosby Trial, Accuser Says He Had No Power Over Me and she was at school when her husband called her with news of the verdict. LISE LOTTE LUBLIN He said it s guilty. And I just said, are you messing with me?.She was one of several women to testify against Bill Cosby in the trial that she became one of the few among Mr. Cosby s dozens of accusers to face “I knew I was strong enough to say, You won t whip me, you won t hold me down, After Ms. Dickinson went public with her story late in , Ms. Lublin .In second day of trial, the iconic entertainer s main accuser finally Bill Cosby s estate have been regurgitated in headlines and debated on But, unlike other witnesses, she did not enter at the exact moment “I told Mr. Cosby that I had trouble seeing him,” Constand said, “They re telling lies about me..Andrea Constand, the accuser in Bill Cosby s criminal trial over an alleged admitted she spoke to Cosby several times by phone in the weeks after the “I did not have the courage at the time to tell my family,” she said softly of a pass at me,” Constand said of why she continued to socialize with Cosby .HOME Biz News Testifying on the second day of Cosby s criminal trial here, He has pleaded not guilty and said the incident with Constand was consensual. calls Constand had with Cosby after the allegedual assault. to me and my mother,” said Constand, who said he also said he would .

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